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‘Art is not what you see, but what you make other’s see’
Edgar Degas

As an expression of fusing glamour and grunge, the quote by Edgar Degas inspired the creation of layering industrial material with a glamorous Outlook lead to the  birth of ‘VEIL’. Veil lamp is a diffused and indirect light that creates perfect ambient atmosphere; by the use of three metal screens layers with each other in order it creates an asymmetrical geometrical shadows.

The key concept of layering helps in understanding the ‘illusion’ through the geometric patterns which allows the experimentation of 3-dimensional effect into 2-dimentional.

This gives the viewer an intense visual simulation experience as the lamp is static and the viewer being dynamically, these patterns create optic illusion.

This elegant Veil lamp is a combination of three main components –a set of metal sheets laser cut in abstract patterns, secondly the sleek metal sheet base and lastly slim linear pipe body.

The technology of production is laser cut of aluminum filters, extrusion and bending of aluminum pipe with center circular element as light fixture which throws an indirect diffused light on the back wall surface. Proposal of three finishes white and gunmetal powder coating and gold hard glossy anodizing gives a classic definition to the Veil lamp.



DATE:  2016