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NOVA for whirlpool is more than a simple air purifier.

This nomadic product can be placed because of its size (38x23cm) anywhere and everywhere. It will help create a clean, safe and pure environment for people with allergies, for babies for everyone especially because of the general pollution in our everyday life, for homes with open kitchen, for homes with smokers in it, for homes with pets in it, for homes with plants and a garden or even homes in industrial surroundings thus transforming any air into a clean one due to its powerful ablity.

Moreover, this product can be used as an ambient light and a music speaker with a built-in Bluetooth wireless system making it a fun and useful for people of all ages. The way this product is assembled allows it to be different than any other still and neutral air purifier. The built-in speaker and the cover help create a pattern and shadow effect on it transforming it into a lively piece of art.

The material used is very basic but at the same time it offers the client to make it feel personal as it is made out of aluminum and comes in five different colors offering a variety of choices for the user.

This nomadic and multifunctional product will allow people to rethink what a normal air purifier is by transforming a functional product into a functional piece of art, where design meets technology that targets people of all ages, from the babies to the elderly.


CLIENT: Whirlpool

DATE: 2016