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Kalde is a traditionally-based, modern looking, manual coffee cooker that uses the cooking in sand method. One of its major characteristics is that it cooks the coffee using very little energy. Coffee that is cooked in sand is the most delicious. What makes it so delicious is the sand that surrounds the coffeepot, giving equal heat to all sides, and that it is cooked gradually in a longer time. Besides, due to the fact that the sand retains the heat for a very long time, electric energy is used only for 1 or 2 minutes. When the sand reaches the adequate temperature, electric energy stops automatically. Coffee is cooked gradually in a stable temperature. The temperature rises when needed. Since Kalde is a manual coffee cooker, coffee can be taken before it overflows. In order to prevent the coffeepot buried in sand from spilling sand onto the kitchen bench, the pot is designed as dependent to the main body. Coffee is cooked in 90 degrees in sand. During my researches, it was observed that the heat reaching the coffeepot does not surpass 90 degrees even if the temperature of the cooker reaches higher units. This feature was designed with the aim to cook coffee with less energy without reaching high temperatures.



2rd PLACE  AWARD, 2010